exhibition of the Doctoral School of Architecture

„The artistic doctoral schools’ profession focuses on creative artistic work. Consequently, creative architectural work stands in the center of the operation of the Doctoral School of Architectural Design. This creative work is supplemented and helped by research. Therefore, in the Doctoral School of Architectural Design research can be interpreted only in connection with creative work, research is a tool assisting creativity.”

(Ferenc Cságoly DLA, Dsc, prof., HAS Mem.
head of BUTE Doctoral School of Architectural Design)

The definition of the architectural work, the process of its creation and the social relationship with it are constantly changing. In our time, the architectural work is more like an economic project than an artistic object and it is defined rather by technology than by aesthetics. In the last few decades, the image of the lonely working architect and the aristocratic artist, being valid in earlier centuries, have been replaced by the co-working group of architects and the socially sensitive specialist. These changes have a strong effect on doctoral education, not only in terms of topics and examples but also in developing the course’s toolkit. This is why creative team work has come to the fore instead of individual work; and – in parallel to professional suggestions – socially sensitive questions and moral aspects necessary for the answer are becoming increasingly important.

The exhibition named SHELF is an introduction of the Doctoral School of Architectural Design through a selection of its last two years’ works. In addition to the creative team work and the individual researches realized in the last two thematic years, visitors can have an insight into nearly all activities of the Doctoral School: the experiences of study trips abroad, the world of architectural competitions, projects implemented in the gradual education; and last but not least, some of the architectural offices founded by former DLA-students also introduce themselves.

The exhibition will be opened on the 2nd of October 18.00 by the dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Csaba Molnár DLA.

The exhibition can be visited in the FUGA Architecture Center between the 2nd and 26th of October 2014.

All interested are welcome!